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Although my first career was in sales and service, designing and rearranging rooms was what I loved doing. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but the  training from the sales and service industry prepared me for my future in decorating and design.  I learned the importance of asking effective questions and really listening to what the client wanted.

Instinctively I‘ve always known what do in a room ... in fact,  I can arrange a room (in my head) into infinity.... but the key to designing for others is understanding what “you” the client has in mind for the room ... to get what you have envisioned requires me to ask more specific questions about your vision. 

For example, how will the room be used, what Is the vibe you are going for, what colors and patterns do you prefer, and many,  many more questions to be addressed.  

My goal with each client is to use my God given talent with my design knowledge to honor their vision of what they want. 

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  • I believe everyone deserves to come home to a beautiful space
  • It isn’t about the most expensive home or furniture 
  • Its about color, size, shape and space
  • Every home has these elements 

Interior Design


Create a Unique Space just for you. 

Every home should a reflection of the individuals who live there. 

No two Interiors should be the same. 

Create a space of beauty and function. 

Interior Redesign


The art of transforming your home, utilizing the things you already have and love. 

So many times, I come  into a home where it is obvious that the client has chosen furniture and accessorIes that they love, but the final result was not pleasing to them. 

In Redesign, my job is to rearrange their carefully chosen possessions in a way that makes them feel happy and content because of my design skills ... 

Home Staging


Making your home more inviting and appealing to potential buyers. 

A well staged home will sell in the shortage amount of time for the highest price.  As an Accredited Professional Real Estate Stager, I combine business know how with a designer’s eye to create homes will sell quickly. 

Full Service Design Firm


  • Furniture 
  • Flooring
  • Accessories
  • Custom Window Treatments 
  • Upholstery / Furniture Redesign
  • Lighting Design
  • Color Specialist 


Stages Magazine MS


Your first home doesn’t have to be boring! Color, style, and working with what you already have is a great beginning! 

Dream the Dream... have the home you want whether you are on a budget or not! 


Designing a starter apartment or condo is no different than an estate ... all the same rules apply .

So,  dream your dream home ... starting now. 

Stages Magazine MS


The heart of the home is the kitchen. 

Good food, good friends, and a well designed space makes for great memories.

Ask me about the Total Kitchen Remodel in a beautiful home in located in Historical Fondren. 


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